The Cobra Chronicles Part Two

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4 min readOct 27, 2021


Ready to learn more about how our coveted Cobra range came to be? After the triumphant launch of the first four Cobra mini rigs, our team put their heads together once again to introduce a handful of brand-new Cobra models into the fold. By continuing to utilise the ‘small yet mighty’ concept, our team created a variety of exciting new designs to further evolve, expand, and diversify the Cobra brand.

Following the huge success of our first mini drop hammer, the Cobra D500, we collaborated with Adler once again to create a slightly larger version of the popular mini rig. The Cobra D1000 drop hammer consists of a larger base and a larger mast to compensate for additional weight. Despite being larger than the D500, the D1000 also has expandable tracks enabling it to fit through standard size doorways and gateways with ease. With a basic weight of 2795kg, maximum height of 6121mm and a maximum width of 2116mm, the D1000 is easy to transport and manoeuvre both on and off site. Additionally, the small working footprint means the D1000 is ideal for working on sites with wet or soft ground conditions due to its minimal ground churn-up and disturbance.

On account of its slightly larger structure, the latest Cobra mini drop hammer is capable of working with steel casings up to 323mm. The D1000 is also equipped with an industry standard winch with a capacity of 1250kg and has been specifically designed to withstand working in tougher environments. As standard, an automatic cut-off switch is fitted ensuring total compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations and levelling up the D1000 is quick and straight forward due to two front and rear hydraulic stabilising arms. Like the majority of our rigs, the D1000 is also able to be customised to suit individual requirements and project specifications. Clients have the choice of a few optional extras including a mast extension to gain additional headroom if required.

Cobra D1000

In addition to the creation and manufacture of the Cobra D1000, we also remastered and developed our original Cobra design to incorporate a telescopic mast, creating a brand-new rotary rig, the Cobra 45. By merging our initial design with an all-new retractable mast, we created a compact rotary rig capable of drilling up to 15m in a single pass.

Cobra 45

As our fleet continued to grow, we designed and created a brand-new rig and the first of our T-series range, the Cobra T15. This compact mini rig was one of our most versatile machines, capable of working in a range of applications including CFA, rotary, casings and DTH. The Cobra T15 was a compact yet powerful mini rig. Complete with an onboard engine, adjustable tracks and a variety of optional extras such as hydraulic clamps and side shift and winch. With 12000nm of torque and a 4.3 tonne extraction (8 tonnes combined extraction) the T15 was deemed a perfect all-rounder, perfect for working on restricted access sites. A key capability of the T15 was the 2m of feed stoke available under the head, ideal when using sections of casing. As a guide, when in dry clay this rig was able to drill 350mm diameter to 15m, and 340mm casings to 10m. The Cobra T15’s overall weight of 3100kg and a maximum width of 1200mm enabled the machine to easily work on restricted or tight access sites. Additionally, the adjustable rubber tracks allowed the rig to comfortably fit through narrow doorways and gateways. Like all our Cobra rigs, the T15 was able to be easily operated and also came fully equipped with a Scanreco remote enabling full manoeuvrability both on and off site.

Cobra T15

Over the last five years, our Cobra design has become iconic. All of our Cobra machines, both drop hammer and rotary variants, have been purposefully developed to be lightweight, compact, and manoeuvrable, whilst providing an unrivalled power output and being able to maintain a superbly low power-to-weight ratio; which enables large amounts of power and high levels of torque to be produced. The small, compact structure of the mini rigs coupled with big power and excellent performance efficiency, means the Cobra range continues to be a firm favourite amongst our clients. Our Cobra rigs have worked on a variety of projects situated in the UK and abroad, including basement excavations, new housing developments and inside shopping malls. This versatility has proved invaluable within the piling community.

We currently have a variety of mini rigs available for nationwide hire and international sale. Further information, images and technical specifications can be found on the individual product pages. Alternatively, our current catalogue is now available to download. For additional details or to speak to a member of our team please contact us; 01985 219192 | sales/hire



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