The Cobra Chronicles Part Three

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5 min readOct 27, 2021


As a market leader, we are continuously investing time and energy into manufacturing new piling solutions. This proactive approach enables us to adapt and respond to changing consumer demands and market trends. In order to remain reactive, we have recently expanded our popular Cobra T-series range to include two brand new variants, the Cobra T8000 and the Cobra T12000.

With a basic weight of 1750kg, a maximum height of 2350mm and a maximum width of 1200mm, the Cobra T8000 is a compact mini rotary rig ideal for working on sites with restricted access and low headroom. As standard, the T8000 has adjustable rubber tracks enabling the rig to comfortably fit through doorways and gateways. This mini rig is easy to operate, easy to transport and is extremely manoeuvrable both on and off site. In addition to having excellent flexibility and reliability, the T8000 is also extremely efficient and environmentally compliant. Fitted with a state-of-the-art Hatz H-series engine, the T8000 has a low carbon emissions output and benefits from superb fuel economy and efficiency.

Cobra T8000

Our latest Cobra variant to be released is the T12000. The design of the Cobra T12000 is based upon the T8000 model, however our most recent model has been cleverly engineered to deliver higher torque and is capable of producing even more extraction and power than its smaller counterpart. The T12000 is also suitable for working on sites with low headroom and restricted access, such as basement excavations or housing extensions, due to its compact form and small working footprint. Additionally, the T12000’s low overall weight means it is able to work on sites with adverse ground conditions with minimal disturbance or churn-up. Like the T8000, the T12000 is also fitted with a brand new Hatz H-series Euro stage five engine, ensuring complete environmental compliance.

Cobra T12000

We have chosen to utilise Hatz engines in our most recent piling fabrications in order to preserve the longevity of the machines. By incorporating greener engines within our latest designs will eradicate the need for inordinate maintenance and material usage, as well as being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option due to the Euro stage five status. In addition, due to low internal speed, noise emissions are significantly lower compared to conventional engines without a turbocharger, our Cobra mini rigs are able to work anywhere.

By continuing to implement our unique ‘small yet mighty’ core concept within our latest mini rig designs, the Cobra rigs are undeniably compact, manoeuvrable, easy to transport and simple to operate. The Cobra T-series machines are currently available in 800Nm/1200Nm variants and are ideal for piling diameters up to 350mm. We are able to offer clients a range of optional extras such as full remote control and custom colour choices. All modifications are able to be undertaken by our workshop team in-house, ensuring a quick turnaround time and a high standard of work. Our aim is to create a machine that not only meets individual requirements but exceeds expectations wherever possible.

Our latest Cobra models are quickly becoming popular amongst our clients, and with a plethora of benefits it is clear to see why. We asked our CEO Mark Symes a few quickfire questions to discover more about the Cobra range:

How does the Cobra range compare to other mini rigs on the market?

Our Cobra mini rigs compare very favourably to other machines on the market due to their modern design and superior performance. Our machines are easier to use and transport from site to site and a firm favourite amongst our clients.

Can you trial a Cobra mini rig prior to purchase?

Yes- demonstration models are available to hire for a maximum of two weeks. The rental cost can be completely off set against the total price if you decide to purchase.

Is operative training available?

As with the majority of our rigs, training with our team can be provided. When hiring or purchasing equipment from us, we’re happy to send one of our engineers to site to assist with rig set-up and general operation, and to help train your staff how to safely and effectively operate the machinery.

What is included with the sales package?

The basic machine as per specification, any additional extras can quoted for separately. Our machines are able to be modified to suit your individual requirements and project specifications, please contact us to learn more about our customisation options. We offer a full factory warranty valid for twelve-months, have access to a variety of genuine spare parts, and are able to conduct any maintenance or repair work in-house should this be required.

Over the last five years, our Cobra design has become iconic. All our Cobra machines, both drop hammer and rotary variants, have been purposefully developed to be lightweight, compact, and manoeuvrable. Our mini rigs also benefit from a low power-to-weight ratio enabling large amounts of power and high levels of torque to be produced. The small, compact structure of the mini rigs coupled with big power and excellent performance efficiency, means the Cobra range continues to be highly coveted. Our Cobra rigs have worked on a variety of projects situated in the UK and abroad, including basement excavations, new housing developments and inside shopping malls. This versatility has proved invaluable within the piling community. As an industry leader, we aim to continue adapting and developing our mini rig designs to complement the current and future challenges faced by those in the construction industry. We aim to lead the industry with the evolution of mini piling rigs.

We currently have a variety of mini rigs available for nationwide hire and international sale. Further information, images/videos and technical specifications can be found on the individual product pages of our website. Alternatively, our current catalogue is now available to download. For additional details or to speak to a member of our team please contact us; 01985 219192 | sales/hire



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