The Advantages of Purchasing Refurbished Piling Machinery & Equipment

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5 min readOct 27, 2021


At some point in time, it is inevitable that a business or independent contractor will need to upgrade an existing machine or purchase a new piece of piling equipment. When the time comes to think about expanding your fleet, consider investing in machinery that is second-hand. Used, refurbished, ex-demonstrators, whichever synonym you’d like to use, buying second-hand machinery can be an extremely cost-effective method and a more environmentally friendly way of acquiring ‘new’ equipment. There are many benefits of choosing to purchase refurbished rigs and machinery, we’ve outlined three key advantages here:

Reduce Overall Costs:

Investing in a piece of new drilling machinery can be costly. In order to reduce your acquisition costs, consider purchasing a used or refurbished machine instead. In many cases, purchasing a piece of second-hand machinery is often a more affordable alternative option than buying brand new. It has recently been estimated that buying reconditioned drilling equipment can reduce the up-front cost by up to 40%. Purchasing a reconditioned machine, which will operate just as effectively and productively as a brand-new rig, is a much more financially savvy method of adding another piece of equipment to your fleet. Furthermore, opting to buy second-hand equipment still enables you the freedom to choose a particular machine or brand despite budget constraints.

Here at Piling Equipment Ltd we have a variety of used, refurbished and ex-demonstrator machines suitable for a range of requirements and budgets. From CFA and rotary machines to mini rigs and drop hammers, our inventory is compiled of a range of makes and models with equipment to suit different job sites and job purposes. All of our second-hand drilling equipment and piling accessories are fully inspected and serviced prior to leaving our workshop to ensure everything arrives to site in tip-top working condition.

Improve Environmental Footprint:

Designing and manufacturing heavy construction machinery requires a large input of energy and resources which can adversely impact the environment. The used machinery market helps to limit over-production and unnecessary manufacturing, resulting in a reduction of essential resources and a subsequent reduction of industrial waste and carbon emissions. By purchasing a used piece of equipment will help to offset the initial resources and carbon required by manufacturing. Acquiring anything which has already been created can help decrease the overall environmental and carbon footprint, as well as cut down on the potential industrial waste. From a PR perspective, buying second-hand items can help boost your green credentials. Additionally, should you commit to purchasing additional refurbished pieces of equipment and choosing to repair items rather than renew where possible, your corporate and individual social responsibility standing will improve.

The majority of our refurbished machines operate with tier 4 or tier 5 engines in order to reduce the output of harmful carbon emissions, be more economical with fuel and generally operate more efficiently. There is no denying how important buying ‘green’ is, therefore we are proud to be able to provide our customers with a variety of second-hand options which have been carefully selected by our sales team to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients.

Remain Competitive:

As a contractor, adding another piece of piling machinery to your fleet can improve job flexibility, enable your workload to become more diversified, and enable specialist projects to be undertaken. Purchasing a particular type of rig, either new or second-hand, can present a wider variety of project opportunities. For example, expanding your fleet by acquiring a mini rig will enable projects on sites with limited headroom or tricky access to be accepted without any logistical interruptions. In addition to project diversification, due to the reduced waiting times often associated with purchasing used machinery, refurbished rigs are often more readily available. Brand new machinery can take months to be delivered due to the essential pre-order process and factory assembly. However, when purchasing used equipment lead times are often significantly reduced meaning the rig is able to begin working on site sooner.

Furthermore, due to the familiarity of older rigs or ex-demonstrator machines, capital can be saved due to the reduced need for operative training. By purchasing a piece of machinery that is operator friendly and straightforward to use, enables work to be undertaken without disruption. We like to make sure all customers are familiar with their new machine. Therefore, post purchase, our team can arrange a full walk-through to outline your rigs key features, operations, and operational capacity. Moreover, an on-site visit or call with our team paired with a comprehensive user manual will ensure you get to know the ins and outs of your machine, meaning your new addition will be utilised to its full potential.

Adding equipment to your fleet is an important decision to consider whether you purchase new or second-hand. Purchasing a ‘new’ piece of equipment or upgrading any existing machinery undoubtably has associated financial, social, and environmental implications. Therefore, it is important to consider how acquiring another machine, either new or used, will aid your business in the long term.

As a leading global supplier, Piling Equipment Ltd specialises in the national and international sale of new and refurbished piling rigs and foundation drilling equipment. We have a diverse selection of ex-demonstrators and reconditioned machinery and equipment comprised of a variety of makes and models; all of which are able to be purchased internationally direct from our UK yard. To view and browse our current inventory, download a copy of our latest catalogue today. Alternatively, if you’re searching for something specific, please contact our sales team. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions and help with enquiries.



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