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2 min readOct 27, 2021


Cobra T1000

Recently our workshop team have been busy undertaking a new custom design challenge. The Cobra T1000 has been specifically designed, in collaboration with our client, to undertake micro piling and site investigatory work. This rig is super compact, lightweight, and manoeuvrable, making it the ideal machine for working in confined spaces and on sites with tricky access. The T1000 combines an array of features making it a great allrounder and just what our client required.

Take a look at the T1000’s specification here:

  • Fully remote-controlled allowing for easy manoeuvring, tracking, and drilling operation.
  • The T1000 is extremely operator-friendly and benefits from a largely reduced setup time, enabling work to commence as soon the rig reaches site.
  • Designed to be durable and withstand everyday site conditions.
  • Fully expandable hydraulic tracks enabling the rig to fit through doorways and gateways and other areas with restricted or tight access with ease. The mast and stabilising legs are able to be easily removed and reattached to aid manoeuvring through extremely tight access conditions.
  • Due to its compact size, it is perfect for limited site access and has a small working footprint, therefore easy to transport and manoeuvre both on and off-site.
  • The T1000 has a minimum width of 726mm, an operating height of 2200mm and an overall working weight of 1080kg, making it our most compact custom build to date.
  • In terms of capabilities, the T1000 has a drilling diameter of 300mm and can produce 700nm of torque attributable to the specially selected Kohler 12kw diesel engine. This Euro stage five engine is environmentally compliant and has a lesser fuel consumption than other comparables, meaning the rig can work in the strictest of environments and offers excellent fuel economy, whilst offering industry beating noise levels.

Our client, Optera, have already received positive feedback about the Cobra T1000, managing director Harvey Hunt shared the following with us: “This is the latest addition of specialist equipment that Optera has invested in and it’s already impressing on site. This will help our skilled trades to work in and restricted access areas on sites throughout the UK”.

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