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As a well-established and leading plant hire company, we have a diverse hire fleet comprised of piling rigs and foundation drilling equipment capable of working on a variety of projects and job sites. We have strong ties and relationships with many firms across the UK operating within a range of industries including construction and ground engineering. Whether you are an experienced groundworker, an independent piling contractor or in need of a rig to complete a one-off DIY project, we have an assortment of piling rigs and drilling equipment available to hire. We guarantee to have something to suit your individual requirements and project specifications.

We are proud to have the newest and most diverse hire fleet in the UK. Our piling machines are modern and well-maintained, mostly operating with tier four or tier five engines. From CFA and rotary rigs to drop hammers and mini piling rigs, we can provide a complete range of machinery suitable for all job types and all job sites. Within our fleet we have an assortment of rigs which are able to work on sites where potential challenges may occur. For example, sites with limited or tight access, adverse ground conditions, low headroom, or noise restrictions. We can cater for a variety of project specifications and individual requests.

Additionally, we can supply an assortment of drilling equipment to complement your machinery, including but not limited to, augers, pins, and casings. We carry CFA augers at various diameters and lengths, if you’re after something specific just ask!

Working closely with our on-site workshop team, we like to ensure that all machinery and equipment is fully serviced before departing for a new project. All rental rigs and equipment are maintained to a high standard, with rigorous inspections and remedial work undertaken by our team of qualified specialists. Our machinery is also fully fuelled prior to arriving on site. Additionally, in order to remain as safe as possible during these unprecedented circumstances, all plant hire machinery is sanitised and sterilised before and after each hire to provide our clients with peace of mind.

We offer a variety of rental options ensuring complete flexibility for all our clients. Our machinery and equipment is able to be hired nationwide, from three days to twelve months plus. We also offer a range of transportation options enabling us to be accommodating to our clients’ needs and schedules. Prior to rental, our team like to know as much as possible about your individual project requirements and specifications. Therefore, in order to provide the most suitable rig and equipment for the job, we’ll discuss the following with you; depth/diameter required, ground conditions, potential site restrictions.

Take a look at our hire fleets’ capabilities here:

Mini Piling

Due to their compact structure, our mini rigs can be used on a variety of sites, including those with limited headroom, problematic access, or tricky ground conditions. Our mini rigs are extremely easy to manoeuvre both on and off site, simple to transport and straight forward to use. We have two types of mini rigs available to hire, rotary/SFA and drop hammers.

Example models of SFA mini piling rigs include — Cobra T12000, Cobra T8000, Hutte HBR203

Example models of driven piling mini rigs include — Cobra D500, Cobra D1000 (full remote control)

CFA Piling

In addition to our mini rigs, we also have a range of multi-functional Geax rigs capable of drilling in CFA configuration. The EK rigs are renowned for their versatility, manoeuvrability, and ability to work efficiently on site. Unlike other machines, the EK rigs make light work of tough and challenging ground conditions and have an unparalleled ability to work adeptly in difficult surroundings, which many other machines would struggle to work in. Compared to other rigs with similar drilling capabilities, the Geax EK rigs have a relatively small footprint ideal for tight access or restricted sites. Not only is this small footprint beneficial in terms of overcoming potential restrictions, but also means the rig has very low ground bearing pressure enabling the Geax to work on a less heavily engineered platform, further saving time, preparation, and expenditure.

Example models available in CFA configuration include — Geax EK40L, Geax EK60L, Geax EK75, Geax EK110

Rotary Piling

We currently have one piling rig set up in rotary configuration available for nationwide hire. When comparing the EK series to other popular drilling rigs, the EK range offers better manoeuvrability and mobilisation, increased speed of installation, rigging and de-rigging, and higher productivity levels overall. Additionally, the Geax EK rigs feature a patented BPS crowd system as standard. This system enables the machines to drill through harder ground and work in tougher site conditions without any compromises.

Example models available in rotary configuration include — Geax EK40L

Our hire team is committed to providing efficient, proactive, and high-quality service as well as competitive rates and flexible rental options. To learn more about our plant hire process, rental rates, transportation options, or more about our fleet, please explore our website or contact our team today; 01985 807851 | hire@piling-equipment-ltd.com



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