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Our Italian partners Geax are a leading international piling machinery manufacturer. Creating innovative and ergonomic designs, Geax specialises in the production of compact yet powerful rigs, ideal for a variety of projects and jobsites. Geax have cleverly engineered a variety of small and medium sized rigs, which consistently deliver a superior performance without compromise. The XD, DTC and EK series rigs represent a welcome advancement in the development and manufacture of piling rigs in both the UK and internationally.

Geax machines are easily distinguished by their compact structure, innovative design, and unrivalled power. Geax rigs consistently deliver a top-level performance, along with flexibility and versatility, adapting easily to different applications and working conditions. The Geax design ensures excellent rigidity and lightness, more precise movements, fast set up time, a wide range of tool positioning, simpler maintenance, and better visibility for the operator. Geax rigs are easy to manoeuvre both on and off site, allowing for simple transportation without the need for permits.

All three rig ranges offered by Geax benefit from a range of integrated features increasing functionality and performance output. Geax rigs are highly versatile and agile machines, adjusting easily to difficult conditions, slopes, and narrow spaces without compromising on power. The Geax rig variants each have their own unique and compact design, ideal for working on sites with limited access or restricted headroom. This compactness also makes Geax the perfect piling rig for working on close-to-the-wall jobs, city sites and on internal jobs such as building interiors. Compared to other rigs with similar drilling capabilities, the Geax ranges have a relatively small footprint, perfect for tight access sites. This small working footprint means the machines also have low ground-bearing pressure, enabling the Geax to work on a less heavily engineered platform, further saving costs, time, and preparation.

Geax rigs have proven to be more cost effective and have higher productivity rates in comparison to other available brands. Similarly, service and maintenance costs of the Geax rigs are extremely reasonable, and less expensive than comparable machines. Genuine parts are also readily available ensuring your machine is always ready to work. Geax machines are also customisable, enabling clients to modify each rig to perfectly suit their requirements.

Geax currently offer three ranges:

XD Series: The XD series machines are the smallest hydraulic piling rigs in the world and have been specifically designed to work in extremely tight and restricted spaces. The XD rigs are ideal for working on sites with limited headroom and confined areas difficult to access with a larger piling rig, such as basements. Despite their compact size, the XD series are equipped with all the features associated with larger machines such as, auxiliary winch, depth meter, spin off speed and winch limit switched. Additionally, the integrated vertical alignment enables hillside piling if required. The XD rigs are capable of drilling to a maximum depth of 12m and a maximum diameter of 600mm.

Model variants include: XD5, XD6, XD8, XD9

Geax Xd range

DTC Series: The DTC series has been designed to satisfy the growing consumer need for compact piling rigs. The DTC design lays emphasis on manoeuvrability, ease of use, ease of transportation, low maintenance and reduced running costs. Its light, robust structure and compact size guarantees superior agility and higher productivity levels on site compared to larger rigs. The DTC rigs are capable of piling up to 1500mm in diameter and 31m maximum depth.

Model variants include: DTC30, DTC50, DTC80

Geax DTC series

EK Series: The EK series are multipurpose rigs with the ability to operate in different drilling configurations, including but not limited to, CFA, rotary, telescopic Kelly piling, soil displacement and jet grouting. Each drilling mode is a kit, enabling the machine to adapt to various applications with a simple conversion. Conversion between kits is easy, simple to apply and low cost. This versatility enables the rig to function in a multitude of modes whilst offering a vast reduction in kit-changeover/conversion time. EK rigs are available from 9.5 tonnes up to 35 tonnes, covering a range of maximum diameters from 800mm to 1800mm and a range of maximum pile depths between 10m and 40m.

Model variants include: EK30, EK40, EK40L, EK60, Ek60L, EK75, EK90, EK110

Geax EKseries

To learn more about the Geax XD, DTC and EK machines, get in touch with our sales team today; 01985 219192 / or take a look at our latest catalogue.



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